Sunday, May 27, 2012

Decorated Notebooks

I started making these notebooks last summer for my team at work (each grade level of teachers is called a "team", there are 8 of us on my team just with the 3rd grade teachers, not including the specialists).  I am sad to say that I never finished the notebooks.  BUT, today I saw them sitting there and decided I would finish them.  I plan to make them individual for each member.  The first two were already done, but happen to fit two of the "new" members joining our team.

I used a lot of retired products making this and will likely continue as I try to use up paper and ribbons that are no longer with us!  The stamp "Imagine the Possibilities" is going to be the consistent theme through the 8 notebooks I am making.  When I was making these I literally covered a composition book from Target.  I attached the ribbon using sticky strip to make sure it was secure.  Going forward I won't "pop" anything up since the plan is to use them all year.

I also make a matching pen to go with the notebook, I am still trying to decide if I will make a "pen holder" off the side of the notebook.  I think I probably will since as teachers we never seen to have a pen when we need it.  My thought is that we can take these to the meetings during the "welcome back" week and then use them during the year at our weekly meetings!  I have big plans to make something matching to go with them, but we shall see if that actually happens!  :)

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