Sunday, November 4, 2012

Curly Paper Wreath

I am member of this awesome website for Stampin' Up! demonstrators only (for the downline of Amy) and someone posted this beautiful wreath on the blog!  It was love at first sight!  I knew I HAD to make one (and now many)!
Isn't it just adorable? I love how festive it looks and the bells really add some extra shine to it!  I did some extra embellishments but it looks the best with just the "curly paper".  I watched a video on Youtube (click here) that showed me exactly how to do this!  But, if you are like me, pictures sometimes help more than a video!

You will first need 6 sheets of double-sided Designer Series Paper.  I used the Be of Good Cheer pack from Stampin' Up!  Our paper packs are $10.95 and you only need half of the pack.  Pull out your NEW Stampin' Up! Paper Trimmer and start cutting strips of 12" by 1/2" strips.  It only takes maybe 10-15 minutes to cut it all up!
Next pull out your wreath.  I got mine at JoAnn's with a coupon for only $3.  You need the 12" GREEN foam as the white crumbles!  You will also need a package of at least 140 flat-head straight pins (cheapest kind).  I bought the biggest pack they had because I know I will be making more of these wreaths!  
After all of your paper is cut up, put aside your trimmer and pull out your bone folder!  The SU! bone folder is longer than those sold in the stores and is only $6.95!  :)  About halfway down one strip you are going to "curl" the paper as if you are curling ribbon.  You will curl both ends.  The more you "curl" the more flimsy the paper becomes.  Be careful not to rip the paper.  Some patterns required some extra "curling" action from me.
I started getting little paper cuts from the paper on my thumb - so I put a band-aid on it.  Here's the hint: put on the band-aid no matter what!  It really HELPS curl the ribbon and keep it from slipping!  :)  Crazy I know but your thumb will thank me later!
Now you are ready to start attaching the curls to your wreath.  Grab a pin, poke it thru the paper and attach to the wreath.  There really is not a rhyme or reason.  I put them every which way, making sure to fill in the holes.  I had it sitting on my desk because you only need to cover the part of the wreath that faces the room it will be hanging in - so about 1/2 of the wreath has no curls on it (it faces the wall anyway).  

Once you get the wreath about 5/6 of the way done, you are going to need to attach ribbon.  I used the 2012-2014 in-colors stitched satin ribbon because I have a TON of it left over!  I made a bow at the top  of it, but you can put the bow wherever you'd like.  Finally, I took two bells strung on the ribbon (also on sale at JoAnn Fabrics) and attached them to the back of the wreath with 3 pins.  I staggered the lengths to get them to look this way!
As a side note, I did try making some glittery snowflakes and cutesy bows made from the sweater trim and it was too much for this wreath.  I love it just the way it is!  I bet it'd look pretty without the bells and sparkly snowflakes dangling, I might just have to try that next!  

MAKE YOUR OWN!!!  I am going to be offering this wreath as a class with two different options to purchase the Bone Folder and the NEW SU! Paper Trimmer.  Let me know if you'd be interested in purchasing the kit, or a wreath from me!

12" Green Foam Wreath from a craft store
2 large bells
140 flat-head straight pins
SIX 12x12 pieces of double-sided paper (Be of Good Cheer)
50" Stitched Satin Gumball Green Ribbon
Stampin' Up! Bone Folder

Leave me a comment if you love seeing this tutorial and if you'd like to see more.... 


Anonymous said...

Love it! About how long would you say it takes to make the entire wreath? And what size wreath did you purchase from JoAnn's?

Pam Steckman said...

Thanks so much! I am sorry I missed that - I added to my blog post but it's a 12" wreath. They are org. 4.59 in JoAnn's but I had a coupon for 25% off my entire purchase! :) It took me a little over an hour but I'd give a class about 2 hours since they will be talking, etc...

Amanda coughlin said...

Pretty pretty! Good job! A truly great way to use up your scraps, too!

Kathy Scott said...

Hey Pam, I picked up a wreath and hope to give it a try over the holiday weekend. I was wondering where you place the straight pin in the paper. Did you put it close to one of the ends, the center or did you stagger them?

Pam Steckman said...

Hi Kathy! I did it in the middle but depending where you need the coverage, you could do it on an end too. :) Enjoy making it!

craftylady said...

I like your idea of making a wreath on Thanksgiving, looking forward to making a few of these as gifts and hopefully for myself also. Thanks for the video they are always helpful.

Pam Steckman said...

Thanks so much for your comment craftylady!

texswife said...

I am making one with snowflake paper and attaching embossed tissue paper snowmen to the wreath. The tissue paper is not too heavy for the paper. Used clear plastic plate, hot glue, and was able to attach larger snowman in center with curl coming around him.