Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day!

One of my favorite memories with my dad was watching Cops together every Saturday night.  Believe it or not, my lifelong dream as a child was to become a "DEA Agent".  I know, hard to believe since I am a 3rd grade teacher now (but I do feel like a cop sometimes!!!).  Anyway, I am lucky to have a hard working, honest, intelligent dad!  Thanks dad for all you have given me!  I am so blessed!
Although my dad doesn't wear a tie anymore - as a child, he did.  He was a Detective for a Police Department in Michigan.  The day he retired, he stopped wearing ties.  But as a kid, I remember giving him a tie for every holiday!  Thanks to my friend Michele Keifer for giving me this idea (which I used in two recent classes).  I used the Blue Ribbon Stamp Set again... this is a go-to stamp set for me lately!

How did I make the bow ties?  Simple, I used the Pennant Builder Punch!  

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Darlene Clark said...

Memories are days when Dad would take us to work with him. He works in construction and this particular day it had been raining like crazy all weekend. My sister and I went to work with dad on Monday. He left us in the truck while he went to check on the job -- it was extremely muddy. Dad had been gone a few minutes, and my sister and I got the bright idea to put on dad's spare boots and follow him (even though we were told to stay in the truck). We got out and the mud came up over the tops of the boots and we got stuck in the mud (mud in the boots because the mud was deeper than the height of the shoes). Instead of being mad, dad laughed and said he thought it was too muddy for us to work that day -- so we went back home, got cleaned up and had a fun day at home with dad.