Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Project Life with Stampin' Up! using Seasonal Snapshot for SSInk

Welcome back!  I had said I wouldn't have a lot of posts for you this week, but I have two-in-a-row for you!  Stamping is my "therapy" and what I do to wind down!  During convention I received the Project Life by Stampin' Up! Seasonal Snapshot Cards and Accessory Pack (which was free)!  It's not available until August 28th so you won't see a supply list at the end of the post.  I decided to print out all of the pictures from my phone and facebook from last fall/ winter to document our life together over the holidays!  Check out our first Christmas...
The best thing about Project Life... nothing is permanent!  After I printed the picture of Marc and I and paid for it, I saw how half of his head was cut off!  So, if I decide to print a new one (with his full head LOL) I can, and I just slip it in the pocket and slip out the "half head" picture!  Nothing has to be perfect and you might see my "writing error".  It DOES NOT matter!  The point is to document your life!
Most of our pictures are self-explanatory but the "crushed" gingerbread house need an elaboration.  We had so much fun making both houses and I learned that we need to buy a pre-made house!  LOL  I didn't use the accessory kit because I was in a hurry and didn't want to add much since the pictures are close-up and really do explain themselves.  

It's my hope to share a layout each week with you... first because I need to be putting all these pics into an album, but second because you need to be motivated to do the same.  Project Life isn't about spending HOURS on one layout.  I literally spent 15 minutes making this layout and that includes the journaling!  

Many people have asked if I only plan to use Project Life to document our life.  The answer is a simple NO!  When I have more time, I will create more elaborate layouts and spend extra time on those extra special moments!  

Come back tomorrow to see what I have in store for you!

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