Friday, August 15, 2014

Two for Friday: CASE the Catalog with SSInkspiration

Today we are CASE'ing the catalog!
It's FRIDAY!  YAY!  I am so tired... my first week back at school has been extra tiring because I am NEW to the school.  Yes, I have been teaching forever (this is my 11th year teaching in FL) but I have to learn the new school's ways (believe it or not, EVERY school is VERY different).  Plus I get to unpack, organize and set up my new classroom.  I am pretty much done setting up so now I can focus on planning my first week and setting up my classroom library.  Looking forward to some extra sleep this weekend!

Today I case'd my card directly from the catalog and we made it in class.  It was super easy and I did need to measure to make sure my banner was perfect (nothing a pencil and ruler couldn't help with!).  The colors are Crumb Cake, Pistachio Pudding and Chocolate Chip.  The original design is on page 130 in the Annual catalog.
Normally I'd create a supply list but honestly, I didn't use many things other than what is listed.  One of the things I did use was the NEW 1/8" Handheld Punch!  It's new this year and I had originally missed it.  I saw it on Heidi Boos' swap card at convention (check out yesterday's blog hop posted on my blog to see her card) and I wondered, "Where is that from?"  I checked it out and finally found them (1/4", 1/8" and 1/16" Handheld punches) on the BOTTOM of page 223.  I had passed over it so many times, probably thinking it was directions and not an item.  LOL So, if you missed these amazing tools like I did, go order them now!  :)  

Have a great day and you might see me this weekend for some more INKspiration!

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Kristina MacKeen said...

What a perfect masculine card. I need to case this one for my family.