Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hand Soap Tag Tutorial - 3 different ideas

Who doesn't need easy gifts during the holidays?
I know you are going to need easy gifts during the holidays, so this post is for you!  Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for the directions!!  I got the original idea for these soaps from my friend Heidi Boos last Christmas and modified them to fit a foaming hand soap.
The first thing you are going to need to get is some soap from Bath and Body Works.  Having worked there many years ago, I can tell you I love the foam soap.  Although some people prefer the other kind they have.  I will explain in the step-by-step directions what you can do in that case.
I created three different versions because I wanted you to see that you can do this with any color!  Not just a specific holiday soap!  I have more coming so keep your eyes on my facebook page where I plan to post lots of extras in the next coming weeks!  Join my facebook group HERE!
Because I did use so many different supplies in each one, I won't be making a list of supplies, but if you do have a question please email me!!!  All of the supplies are CURRENTLY in the Holiday Catalog and they are all still available!
Directions to make a Tag for Hand Soap
1.  Cut a piece of card stock 6" by 2 1/2"
2.  Score paper at 2" on the long side.
3.  Punch a hole in the "short" end using 1 3/4" circle punch.  I just eyeballed the center.  It just fits perfectly.  If you are wanting a little extra space you could use a 6 1/2" piece of card stock and score at 2 1/2" instead.
***If you are using the non-foaming soap, you will need to make the hole smaller using the 1 1/4" circle.

Thanks for following along!  Tomorrow is bonus project Friday so swing by for TWO projects!

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